Stainless Steel 316 shearbanded couplers

316 Stainless Steel Shearbanded Couplers

Watercare Approved Product

Watermark certificate of conformity WMCS2016 

Evaluated to AS/NZS4327 (1995)

Available sizes PVC - PVC   

110mm - 115mm                       Code: CPPVC100

160mm - 164mm                       Code: CPPVC150

250mm - 265mm                       Code: CPPVC225

345mm - 360mm                       Code: CPPVC300

Available sizes EW - EW 

140mm - 146mm                        Code: CPSB100

180mm - 205mm                        Code: CPSB150

Available sizes EW - PE

150mm - 175mm                        Code: CPSB175

Available sizes EW - CON

280mm - 305mm                        Code: CPSB225

350mm - 370mm                        Code: CPSB300 

Available sizes EW & CON

420mm - 445mm                        Code: CPSB445

435mm - 465mm                        Code: CPSB465

510mm - 540mm                        Code: CPSB540

Available in BULK LOTS

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